Marketing with Instagram as it should be.

What is Instakeeeb?

Instakeeeb is a beautiful way for brands and events to engage their customers, attendees and fans by taking pictures on Instagram and display them on Keeeb in a unique way.

Meanwhile the service is not just limited to Instagram but also applicable for Twitter—which nobody else can offer at the moment.

Instakeeeb explained

Filter the images (optional)

All you have to do is to tell us one or more hashtag(s) e.g. #hamburgairport and we will automatically collect all those pictures from Instagram on your Keeeb page.

The huge advantage

You have full control over your images because you can easily moderate/filter your Instakeeeb collection by changing the order or deleting pictures that do not meet your standards or display spam.

Contact us to get your own Instakeeeb!

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